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Squat Hold Progression Video

Squat Hold Progression This is the progression for a Paraplegic to find a way to hold and balance in the bottom of a squat. This athlete is WheelWOD.com founder Chris Stoutenburg T-6 para. follow wheelwod on IG/ FB or visit the website at www.wheelwod.com also to gain mobility like this sign up at www.romwod.com/wheelwod  

STOP THE DROP of the barbell on your body

This is a video explaining how to control the decent of a barbell and not drop it on your Legs/Lap. Please take this message seriously and control your lifts. Not controlling the barbell can and will end in serious injury.  

Pull UP Progression “Climb Up”

This is one method we use at CrossFit Indestri to get up to the pull up bar and allow for full hang pull ups. We used to use a rope and found that the grip and effort being used each time during a WOD was killing the ability to do pull ups. So we created […]

No Chair – Balance & Core work Volume 1

This is a 10 minute video of Stability work and core work with out the use of your chair. as a T-6 Para I was told these types of movements were not possible. This is a lot of hard work and I didn’t just decide to do these movements. I started with no weight and […]


15.5 WheelWOD Open It all comes down to this…. The race is tight in a few spots on the leaderboard and everyone has kicked ass no matter what the finishing spot is beside your name. I have enjoyed every aspect of doing the open with you guys! 3 Years ago I couldn’t find any other […]