Our Mission

To make all forms of fitness adaptable and accessible for everyone. To provide programming and competition for adaptive athletes on a fair and level playing field.

Who Are We?

A platform focused on giving coaches/athletes tools & resources to create competitive adaptive athletes. WheelWOD began in 2013 with a small group of adaptive athletes looking to compete in the CrossFit open, Director Chris Stoutenburg recognized there was a need for a platform to share ideas and organize competitions. Today WheelWOD adapts competitions and host competitions all over the world. We also provide comprehensive programming for sale through SugarWOD  and free here on the daily blog.

WheelWOD has grown only due to the amount of adaptive athletes in need of a place to compete and we would love to bring a competition to your area.
Kevin Ogar
John Prescott
Chris Stoutenburg

How Do We Achieve This?

  1. Addressing functional movement for adaptive athletes (based on their functional abilities)
  2. Through constant trial and error
  3. Implementing adaptable movements into daily training  (Test and retest)
  4. Evolution of fitness through Continuous sharing and collaboration.