15.5 WheelWOD Open

It all comes down to this….

The race is tight in a few spots on the leaderboard and everyone has kicked ass no matter what the finishing spot is beside your name. I have enjoyed every aspect of doing the open with you guys! 3 Years ago I couldn’t find any other athlete in a wheelchair doing Crossfit and trying the Open. Its exciting to think where this all could go and grow to.  Good Luck to All!!

15.5 WheelWOD Open is:


Row (Calories)

Shoulder Press 75/55

See Video movement breakdown here:

Movement Standards:

ROW: There are no movement standards, you may row however you like as long as you complete the calories identified for each set.

Shoulder Press: You can lift off the floor, boxes or rack. You must start each lift from top of shoulders and end above head with arms fully locked out returning to top of shoulders.

Any success requires quality preparation and quality drugs if they are used in treatment or in the training process.

Good luck to all!

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