You can view, download, and review the new 2024 Classification Rules and Guidelines in the 2024 Competition Rulebook.

Athletes who have already been classified and competed in a WheelWOD-sanctioned event will not have to complete the classification process unless they are in the Neuromuscular, Short Stature, or Lower without amputation division for the 2024 Season.

Need your WheelWod Classification? Start here:

The Competition Rulebook contains an elaboration of the full classification process. However, you can start by completing the initial form for classification.


You can register for an event while waiting for your classification. After filling out the classification documents for competition, select a division during registration that best represents their ability level. This will be confirmed before athletic competitions begin, and WheelWOD may change an athlete’s division after a full process review.

After completing the above form for classification, athletes must schedule a video call with the WheelWOD team. You can visit that calendar link here.

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