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Brief description

WheelWOD programming is ALL inclusive, no matter if you are an adaptive athlete, an athlete with a temporary impairment or able-bodied athlete, we have a fitness solution for your needs.

WheelWOD Programming & Coaching

is specialized for athletes with permanent and temporary impairments. We offer fitness programming for everyone no matter skill or fitness levels. Our coaching staff is highly certified and experienced in dealing with athletes with impairments, competitive athletes and athletes just starting out.  

* 3x Paralympic Gold medalist, 2019 CrossFit Games Coach, co-owner CrossFit Indestri & WheelWOD co-owner **Chris Stoutenburg, **

* CrossFit Regional athlete, Owner of CrossFit watchtower, Team USA. Para powerlifting & L-1 CrossFit Training Staff. **Kevin Ogar**

* Owner Neuse River CrossFit, Co-owner of WheelWOD, one of the original Adaptive coaches in funtional fitness. **John Prescott**

If you have experienced a permanent injury or recovering from a temporary injury your fitness program should be adapted to get you the best outcome without overloading or causing imbalances in your physical structure. Our goal is to keep you healthy and moving. Whether your goal is to compete, get stronger or just move we are positive we have the program for you. #WheelWODnation

Programs Offered:


60 minutes of fitness for the classifications of Upper Impairment, Lower Impairment, Neuromuscular and Seated athletes. The WheelWOD for time program offers 6 days of training a week, with a structured Warm up, Fous work for the day, a workout and recovery piece at the end. We supply strength work, skill work and capacity work in our focus pieces. We address all fitness domains in our program and adapt the workouts taking into account loading, volume and intensity for various permanent and temporary physical impairments. Try our 7 day free trial today!


Increase your aerobic capacity with these endurance-based conditioning workouts by WheelWOD Staff. Offered 3 times per week (M,W,F) and adapted for Upper, Lower, Seated and Neuromuscular Impairments. Typically utilizing a piece of conditioning equipment (Concept2 SkiErg, BikeErg, Rower, or Assault Bike).



Are you interested in building strength and power? In the Ogar Strong Program, WheelWOD Coach Kevin Ogar offers this 3-4 times a week strength focus piece to build muscle and keep healthy strong joints and healthy. This program is adapted for Upper Impairments, Lower Impairments, Neuromuscular and Seated. Kevin’s experience in this area of fitness is Para Powerlifting, CrossFit and 20 Years plus of athletics and explosive style sports.


The WheelWOD competition program is built for athletes interested in competing in functional fitness competitions. What you get in this program is the WheelWOD FOR TIME PROGRAM, Strength Work From our OGAR STRONG PROGRAM, Capacity Work from ALDRIDGE ARMOUR and additional skill work. This is about 2 hours a day 5 days a week with recovery work on 2 rest days. This program is adapted for Upper Impairment, Lower Impairment, Neuromuscular and seated

Affiliate Program

The WheelWOD affiliate program follows the baseline set by CrossFit Indestri program of 60 minute classes developed by owner and coach Chris Stoutenburg. Stoutenburg is a former Paralympic gold medalist, NCAA athlete and national all-star. He programs for many affiliates throughout North America and has coached athletes in the CrossFit games, Wodapaooza and many other competitions. This program is in its 10th year and has been tested and tried with huge success. It uses a level system method to give elite to beginner athletes a chance to workout together by providing a sound warm up getting athletes moving through patterns that will be focussing in the days workout. Then usually followed by a focus piece that could be skill, strength, endurance or mobility oriented. The next part will provide 3 levels to give guid lines to athletes that is included in the metcon varied in length and a “cash out” that could be skill, accessory, cool down or a little extra work to finish the day. 

We also add skill, strength, gymnastic, endurance and strong man days to keep the athletes getting a full program and constantly varied. Specific days will also include partner workouts to bring community together and a strength and conditioning day on Sundays that is 60 minutes of strength and 30 minutes conditioning.

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