HammerWeek WOD#5

Last WOD of Hammer Week

Seems fitting it come from Kevin Ogar who in his unfortunate accident brought all of us together. Since then the Wheelchair gang took off and we haven’t looked back. 

This WOD is a great way to end a week of tough wods.

This has been a week to try and pay some dues to a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of Quit. A person who has unconditional love for anyone willing to receive it. Steph Hammerman is not only a champion in the adaptive movement, she is a warrior and a princess. She deals with her struggles with class, she attacks her adversities like a line backer. I know she plans to do the same with this disease and I know she will win. 

So we are asking you one more time this week to do the same and while she’s getting her treatment to do 1 more rep for the hammer. Tag some reps and post them for her to see. 


My Steph workout. 

26min AMRAP

1 Burpee/Push ups walkover plate 8in

1 KB swing 16/12kg

2 Burpee/PUWO

2 KB Swing



Love ya Steph and many more wods in our future,