Hammer Blog – Sept 19/17

Hammer Blog

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the new CrossFit Specialty Course for Adaptive Training. Anytime there is a chance to further education I jump at it because I believe these experiences only enhance the reasons for being part of such an incredible community. Besides it being an excuse to see some amazing friends this course was definitely a reminder of my “why”. Why I am an athlete and why I chose to become a coach.
The course touches upon a variety of topics regarding adaptive athletes, training and how to better assist any athlete that may enter a box. While it is still new and will have a lot of room to grow it was a great reminder of how far our community has come and how much we have grown.
We have now entered into competition season and I must say, I am so impressed with effort that our athletes are putting forth. I hope that as you continue to train you will not neglect your weakness; rather highlight them and attack them with a vengeance. Each year competitors are getting stronger, faster and able to handle more volume so, I wouldn’t doubt that this year’s competitive season is going be even better than years past.
As we move closer to WWG and WZA please remember to take care of your joints, muscles and mind. Your recovery and rest days should be viewed just as important as your heavy days. Make sure to be doing WHEELROM on a regular basis as well as enjoying an active rest day or two.
At the end of the day, when you are happier so, is your body and that will result in a more enjoyable training experience. Keep working hard and get excited because we have a lot to look forward too in the next few months!
Train hard,