HammerWeek WOD

No Rest Day today… It’s HammerWeek and we are dropping it 5 days straight! 

Let’s see what you have today as this is written from WheelWOD founder Chris Stouty Stoutenburg.

As in his favorite style… It’s a mash up Chipper!


45 min Clock

0:00-20:00 AMRAP

1 mile wheel or Run

200 Battle ropes or Skipping Rotations (Able body DU)

100 Sh.press 55/25 (able body push press 75/55)

50 KB Dead lifts 20kg/16kg (AB 32/28)

25 Pull ups

Rest 10 mins 

Clock 30:00-45:00 (15 min Cap)

“Double Grace”

60 C& J @ 75/35 (AB 135/95)

Enjoy tag #1morerepforthehammer