WheelWOD of August 17/17

Today is a usually a rest day but we switched it to earlier this week.

Many athletes ask me how I run my own programming and what kind of template did I follow when I was competing?

Take a look at this template and then hit the workout that follows:


Accessory Work

Crossover symetry 15 mins

ROM WOD 15-20 mins

DB and kettlebell accessory work, Rows, presses, pulls and extensions



Heavy Day or strongman day

Lift heavy short reps 3 main exercises,

ie. Clean Pulls, Cleans and Deads


tires, sprints and d-balls

ROM WOD 20-25 mins



30 min light cardio and warm up

15-20 min metcon

triplet, chipper, emom ect

Rom WOD 10-15 mins


Thursday: Active rest Day

Swim, hike or bike

40-60 mins

RomWOD 20 mins



Endurance work

intervals on row or ski

45 mins

ROM WOD 10-15 mins



Dynamic warmup ( body weight exercises)


Explosive metcon 5-9 minutes and possibly rest and then hit a 3-5 minute metcon

weight lifting and gymnastic movements

RomWOD 20 mins


Sunday Full REST

meal prep


These days can change as you feel and rest days can swap but this is what worked for me and kept me healthy and away from injuries.

This is also basically how the wheelwod template run with allowance for some lighter days heading into competition

If you have questions let me know

[email protected]



Today’s WheelWOD is..


For Time:

21 Ring Dips

42 Alt db snatch 35/20

15 Ring dips

30 alt db snatch 35/20

9 Ring dips

18 alt db snatch 35/20



For Time:

21 db Goblet squats 50/35

42 Alt db snatch 50/35

15 db Goblet squats 50/35

30 Alt db snatch 50/35

9 db Goblet squats 50/35

18 Alt db snatch 50/35


Enjoy go to our IG page to catch a video of us doing this wod.