WEEK 1 & 2 WZA WOD Breakdown

Hello WZA athletes

This is to help you find your way around websites and if you are struggling to decide if you are upper and lower,

typically we have had Visually impaired, athletes compete at the lower athlete standards.

Workout #1 can be found


Workout #2 can be found


To clarify WOD 2 “Death by Triplet”

Upper: an athlete that has an impairment above the waist line, ie. arm amputee,
Lower: an athlete that has an impairment below the waist line ie amputation or fused knee
SAA: Single arm athlete, an athlete that only uses 1 arm while exercising.
AK: Is indication of an athlete with an above knee amputation.

For WOD 2:

upper athletes will do db Thrusters
lower athletes will do push press
If you are an upper athlete you workout is:
8 burpee box jump overs
8 power snatch
8 db Thrusters

Upper notes

Same standards for snatch apply but single arm athletes may use a single arm Db snatch at the listed weight or if they choose to lift a barbell with 2 arms and a strap they will use the lower athlete weight.

lower is:
8 burpee step ups
8 power snatch
8 Push press
See workouts for scaled and Rx heights/Weights