John Prescott – Coach

John’s Gym

John Prescott Co-Owner of WheelWOD and Owner of Neuse River CrossFit.

John has been a CrossFit coach for many years, he went from a member who was looking to improve his own health and habit s to a coach to moving on and starting his own Gym in Raleigh North Carolina (Neuse River CrossFit. ) John started working with Adaptive athletes through his gym and was introduced to WheelWOD at the 2017 WheelWOD Games. John has built an army of adaptive athletes at his gym and worked with WheelWOD on competitions and now as a part owner in the organizations you will see John on the competition floor checking Logistics, Directing athletes and foremost john handles the day to day contracts and business end of WheelWOD. John is an athlete and a coach and enjoys his time building people up and giving them a direction to follow to better their life.

Johns Transformation