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So if you took on that chipper yesterday… you may be feeling a little angry or even aggressive towards me 🙂

In the words of the Ginja Ninja himself, “That’s Gains your feeling”

And don’t worry because I wouldn’t program another long work out today, (or would I?) Naaahhh i don’t wanna do one either!

We had some amazing times and great scales for yesterdays chipper. if you are not already following us on insta-gram, Twitter or FB our handle is @wheelwod. Join the movement!

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ok enough sales & promotion, lets get down to why we are here! Sweat, Blood, breaking spokes and burning rubber!


Buy In: 

Shoulder mobility. bands, foam roll and stretching

Wrist and elbow mobility

Then 5 mins cardio (ski erg, row or roll)

EMOM 5 mins

45 seconds ski erg or row

15 sec rest


Focus: Clean & Press


cleans will come from the floor or if needed boxes. first 2 sets will be warm up and last 3 will be working. increase weight each set.

We are focusing lifting from the floor to develop the ability to increase your everyday functional movement. you will need to pick things up from the floor on a day to day basis so lets train that in our fitness as well!



Its a sprint today! Quick and Dirty Crossfit benchmark



Ring Dips

Cleans @ 75lbs

dips can be adapted to bars, boxes or from floor



Cash Out:

Tabata: Russian Twists with KB or slamball 20lbs


post comments or times to Website, Insta or FB


Wheel Together and share the movement!




2 thoughts on “WORKOUT OF THE DAY FEBRUARY 18TH 2015 #Elizabeth

  1. Time: 13:21.88. Dips on stall bars w/20lbs weight vest. Cleans from the floor. Cleans were tough after yesterday! Hurts so good 😉

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