Hammer Report November 29/16



Trust in the process.

“How did you know you could even do CrossFit?”

Here’s the real answer. I didn’t, but I did know it was something I wanted to try and as they saying goes, you never know until you try. Being my own advocate has always come natural to me, but I had no idea how important that skill would become.

When I enter the gym I can explain movements until I’m blue in the face, but reality is I will never be able to put on display how my body feels while I’m doing certain movements so, I’ve come up with the best analogy I can think of. The messages from my brain to the rest of my body don’t always get delivered as fast as I would like them to. Living with Cerebral Palsy is like living with two polar opposite people; Left and Right (sides of my body). Left is the one who does everything right, loves to have control, always working towards a goal and is definitely life of the party. Right on the other hand does what she wants, doesn’t really care what anyone else’s plans may be, needs incentives to stay motivated and is notorious for being late to everything.

This can be extremely frustrating, but fitness is a huge coping mechanism. Fortunately I have found that fitness is what helps stimulate both sides. Using consistent functional movement programming and focusing on areas of weakness (not the most fun) is what makes the difference. It doesn’t matter if you are on day one or coming back into the game after and illness or injury. Rome is a beautiful city, but it wasn’t build in a day so, as you start your fitness journey no matter your skill level remember how important is to trust in the process.

LOVE “The Hammer”