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WheelWOD of April 19/16

The men’s Rx division is filling up great for championships but the ladies are coming up short. Get your ladies to sign up! Strength: Cleans  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Start at 50% of 1RM & go up by 5% each set. . WOD: 3RFT 1000/750m row 50 seated back extensions 50 push ups . CASH OUT: Ring dips […]

WheelWOD Of April 18/16

Today’s WheelWOD is  Strength: Floor Press 15 mins to work to heavy set of 2. . WOD: “Death by pull up” EMOM for 20 min starting at 1 pull up. Add a pull up each minute until you can’t get all the pull ups in the minute. Once your out finish the rest of the […]

WheelWOD of APRIL 18/16

1 week left to get registered for the qualifiers.  Strength: Weighted pull ups 5×5 Pull up negatives 3×3 . WOD: 4 mins to complete 200m ski/row sprint 3 sh press 105/50 Max floor to chair transfers with remaining time. Rest 2 mins  Repeat 4 min WOD  Rest 2 mins Repeat 4 min WOD Final score […]

Wheelwod of April 15/16

WARM UP: 1000m ski Sherwood Test 2 This is a bruiser 400m Wheel “Adapted Fran” 21-15-9 Pull up (from the chair) Sh. Press 55/35 400m wheel “Adapted Fran” 400m wheel COOL DOWN 100 Sit ups

WheelWOD of April 13/16

This WOD today is a personal Favourite Try to accomplish all the WOD work under 10 mins Strength: Behind the Neck Shoulder Press (Use a spotter & snatch Grip) 3-3-3-3-3 work to a heavy set of 3 approximately 75% of 1 RM . WOD: FOR TIME: 30-20-10-20-30 Wall Balls @8ft/7ft & Ball 14/10 Battle ropes […]

WheelWOD of April 12/16

Strength Day Today we are just hitting a few lifts and building strength. Recovery and maintenance is key to staying healthy.   Warm Up: Easy ROW 3 mins Fast Pace ROW 2 mins then Banded Shoulder work. (crossover symmetry) . Strength: Barbell Row on Bench 5-5-5-5-5 . DB Incline Press 5-5-5-5-5 . Dead Lifts (KB […]

WheelWOD of April 11/16

Continued Qualifying Prep Last week was set up to test the tough end of your potential/ ability   This week is to test what we will see in the qualifiers Strength: Dumbbell work- DB Curls 3×10 DB Flys 3×10 DB Sh. Press 3×10 . WOD: 21-15-9 Snatch 55/35 Cal Row/Ski . CASH OUT: TABATA Push […]

WheelWOD of April 8/16

Today we are taking on one of Pat Sherwoods 12 tests of fitness from CrossFit Linchpin We have adapted it and will take on one of these every week for the next 12 weeks.  Skill: Muscle up progressions http://youtu.be/1hNnTsQANTU http://youtu.be/IbEUM6KQNzg http://youtu.be/7_4deuYeld8 Those 3 progressions are great to help with your muscle up- from Carl Paoli […]