WWG 16 – WOD 5


WOD – 5


“Down and Back:

Version II” 8:00 minute time cap

For Time:

20 Sand Bag Shoulder to Overhead 90/60

20 Box Jump Over 24/20

20 Ball Slam 20/15

20 Deadlift 185/ 125

20 Ball Slams

20 Box Jump over

20 20 Sand Bag

STO Score: Time If athlete hits cap, score = time + #reps Label score card Rx or Scaled

Sand Bag Shoulder to Overhead:

The reps for this movement will begin with the sand bag resting across the shoulders in a front rack position. Athletes must then press the sandbag to a fully locked overhead position (arms fully extended, stacked over midline, head through) and stand to full extension of the hip and knees with their feet in line with each other. Athletes may choose to use any style STO (I.e. press, push press, split jerk, etc.) but must clearly demonstrate balance and control in the locked out position before performing another rep. The sand bag must be cleaned from the floor by the athlete to start the set, but the clean is not a scored movement, so athletes are encouraged to try and rest in the front rack position to avoid performing extra work. Any style clean is permitted.

Box Jump Over:

Starting from the ground, athletes must pass the entirety of their body over the center of their box and land on the opposite side from which they began. Athletes may choose to step, jump onto and walk over, or jump entirely over the box. Athletes do not have to stand to full hip/ knee extension on top of their box.

Ball Slam:

Athletes will start by pulling the slam ball from the ground to a position clearly over their head, then proceed to slam the ball on the ground in front of them. For the rep to count, athletes must catch the ball off of the bounce, including the final rep. If an athlete tosses a ball down or drops it without getting their hands under off the bounce, it will be a no rep.

Dead Lift:

Athletes must pull their designated barbell off of the floor and stand until their shoulders are behind the bar with clear extension of the hip and knee. Any style deadlift is permitted. Athletes do not have to return the bar to the floor under control, but should be advised to make sure the rep is complete to their judge’s standard before dropping the bar or the lift may not count Lower Extremity Adaptation- Bilateral BK will have the option to reduce their box height to 20/16” for the box jump over, while Bilateral AK can choose to use a 12” box. For the dead lift, athletes with limited ROM in their hamstrings or ankles (most AK, bilat) will be allowed to pull from block no higher than 12”.

Neuromuscular- Use weight, box height and movements appropriate for the athlete’s ability; must be described to athlete liaison ahead of competition start.

Minor neuromuscular- No adaptation necessary, scale as needed.