WheelWOD European Championships

WheelWOD is proud to announce that WODCELONA 2023 will be back as the WheelWOD Games European Championships. The Top Finishers in each division at WODCELONA will automatically advance to the 2023 WheelWOD Games in Raleigh North Carolina, USA.

WODCELONA Online Qualifiers will open for registration Soon.
You will be able to register at: http://www.wodcelona.com/en/

The Dates for WODCELONA taking place in Barcelona, Spain are September 15-17, 2023.

Divisions for WODCELONA

Rx Upper Men (Mixed)
Rx Lower Men (Mixed)
Rx Neuro Men (Mixed)
Rx Upper Women (Mixed)
Rx Lower Women (Mixed)
Rx Neuro Women (Mixed)
Rx Seated Men I (Mixed)
Rx Seated Men II (Mixed)
Rx Seated Women (Mixed)
Rx Seated Women II (Mixed)
Rx Short Stature Men
Rx Sensory Men (Vision & Deaf)
Rx Sensory Women (Vision & Deaf)
Rx Short Stature Women

More details Coming soon!!