WheelWOD OPEN Ahtlete Info

Hello Athletes!

First off thank you for joining in on the fun. for your info the $5.00 paid is only to cover the cost of www.CompetitionCorner.net and to buy food for the judges at the end of the open who have volunteered their time to review the selected Rx Videos.
Currently we have 130 athletes registered total for this years adapted version of the open. This is our 3rd year running the Open, but our first year adding in Standing Divisions.
For you new to this platform a little background:
WheelWOD was formally established in 2014 and has been operating with Free daily programming, seminars and online coaching plus instructional videos for seated adaptive athlete through the www.wheelwod.com
WheelWOD has had great success in making this transition of adding Standing athletes and thrived this year by doing all the programming and running of the 40 adaptive athletes for The Wodapalooza 2017. We have also handled 2 separate programming of the Rush Club 1 on 1 adaptive challenges and will be doing more in the future as well as I ( Chris Stoutenburg) have already signed on as Director of athletes in the Wodapalooza 2018.
This year we have teamed up with crossroads Adaptive alliance to help program the standing divisions to make sure we are getting input from all divisions on standard and weights. Thank you to crossroads coaches and staff for being part of this and helping grow the movement since day 1.
Any Rx Athlete wishing to confirm a top 10 place in their division must record every work out as we will be randomly selecting 2 of the 5 workouts to review and confirm. Video Submission guidelines are available on wheelwod.com as well as mentioned in the workout movement standard releases. Scaled athletes do not need to record. All athletes must be judged and verified by that judge via email through competitoncorner.net 
All scores will be submitted in competitioncorner.net platform and leader board will be updated in real time, but it does some times take time to catch up if multiple athletes are submitting at once. so be warned of deadlines and if you are waiting to the last minute to submit you risk the chance of missing the time line. if you miss the submission deadline you will not be able to submit a score for that workout but can still continue to submit the following weeks.
Each week an adapted version of the CrossFit games workout will be released the next day ( Friday ) at 5pm EST. See below for submission and release dates. We will also be doing live announcements via FB live through the Crossroads FB Page. Each week will come from a different gym and part of North America. ( yes that includes Canada 🙂
Release: Feb 24, @ 5pm EST
FB Live announcement: Via Crossroads FB page 5pm
Location: Old Glory gym – Jason Sturm
Submission Deadline: Tuesday Feb 28, 11:00pm EST
Judges Verification Deadline: Thurs, feb, 28 11:00pm EST
Release: March 3rd, @ 5pm EST
FB Live announcement: Via Crossroads FB page 5pm
Chris Stoutenburg & Max Conserva
Location: Alpine Ranch California
Submission Deadline: Tuesday Mar 7, 11:00pm EST
Judges Verification Deadline: Thurs, Mar, 9 11:00pm EST
Release: March 10th, @ 5pm EST
FB Live announcement: Via Crossroads FB page 5pm
Chris Stoutenburg 
Location: CrossFit Indestri, Canada
Submission Deadline: Tuesday Mar 14, 11:00pm EST
Judges Verification Deadline: Thurs, Mar, 16. 11:00pm EST
Release: March 17, @ 5pm EST
FB Live announcement: Via Crossroads FB page 5pm
Location: CrossFit New England – Ben Bergeron
Submission Deadline: Tuesday Mar 21, 11:00pm EST
Judges Verification Deadline: Thurs, Mar, 23 11:00pm EST
Release: March 24th, @ 5pm EST
FB Live announcement: Via Crossroads FB page 5pm
Chris Stoutenburg 
Location: CrossFit Indestri
Submission Deadline: Tuesday Mar 28, 11:00pm EST
Judges Verification Deadline: Thurs, Mar, 30 11:00pm EST
Please understand that all the workout standards must be read and understood by your judge as well as video standards must be met. 
Formal written email request with substantial evidence is the only way we will review an athletes workout outside of the WheelWOD guidelines. if you are contesting a score of another athletes workout, this is the only method we will consider.
Be Honest and Play Nice!
Any questions please email wheelwod @gmail.com and if you have scoring submission issues email us as well as competitioncorner.net
Hope everyone has been training hard.. If you know me, I dont believe in scaling down. I will look for a functional movement that has the same stimulus as the open workout but it will not always be a “mimic” of the able bodied movement if it doesn’t functional work to increase and test your fitness. Expect the Unexpected (GPP)
Lets have a great Season show the world what we do. 
Also Tag #WheelWOD #wheelwodnation #Crossroadsaa in any Social post and we will be sharing through our platforms via or Director of marketing Steph Hammerman
Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg