WheelWOD of April 28/17


Thats a big word, what does it mean.. What is the best way to manage it?

Well at WheelWOD we are working through our Nutrition with the Help of our friends at www.ownyoureating.com

Thanks to Jason & Roz to give us a way to live with realistic eating and be able to get on track.


They help by getting you through with flexible eating:

What is Flexible Eating?

  • Determine your macros
  • Begin tracking your daily macro intake
  • Eat whatever you want to consistently hit your assigned macro goals
  • Lose weight and reach your health & fitness goals

Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror?

Does the scale frustrate you?

Do you constantly lose and gain the same 10 lbs?

Do you spend hours in the gym but fail to get results?

Do you have a broken relationship with food?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then don’t worry, you are not alone. Both Roz & Jason have felt the same way and have worked with countless people dealing with the same issues.

Nutrition is so fundamental to our health and happiness but very few of us have any formal education on the subject. It’s a vast and confusing topic with most people believing that caloric deprivation or restricting themselves to eating certain types of food is the only way to lose weight or be “”healthy.”” Well that belief is wrong on many levels & we’re here to set you straight! As we’ve found from the thousands of people we’ve worked with, most people are simply not eating enough. YES! You read that right, you’re not eating enough! Not only that but the restrictions most diets require create an UNHEALTHY relationship with food, often encouraging feelings of guilt or shame when you eat the foods you’ve been told to avoid. In short, most diets are unsustainable, unhealthy & fail to provide you with the knowledge you need to make better nutrition choices.

Well flexible eating with the “Own Your Eating” methodology is different. It’s NOT another diet. With our program and flexible eating we show you how you can eat the foods you love, easily lose weight and make it a sustainable lifestyle. We want to put a stop to yo-yo dieting & give you exercise junkies a break! Good nutrition is not synonymous with deprivation. We can teach you how to fuel your body so you can look, feel & perform better in the gym and in life. We don’t just want to live, we want to thrive! Join us on our journey and “Own Your Eating” just like us! Get started TODAY with our Beginner Macro Video Package.

If you would like to learn more,
go check them out and give it a try,
Get started on a new healthier you!

Today’s WheelWOD is….

Pat Sherwood Fitness TEST 6 – via CrossFit Linchpin

SEATED Rx (Scaled)

4 RF:T:

  • 21 Wallballs 14/10 @ 9FT/7FT (14/10 @ 7ft/6ft)
  • 18 Pull-ups
  • 15 Kettle Bell Swings 16/12kg (12/8kg)
  • 12 Db Press 35/20 ( 25/10)


STANDING Rx (Scaled)

4 RFT:

  • 21 Wallballs 20/14 (14/10)
  • 18 Pull-ups (Ring Rows)
  • 15 Kettle Bell Swings 24/16 (20/12)
  • 12 Handstand Push-ups (Push -up)


***SAA sub HSPU for Db press 55/35***

Enjoy Stouty