WheelWOD Joins Forces with CrossFit, Elevating the Sport of Adaptive Fitness



WheelWOD, the trailblazer in adaptive fitness and competitive functional fitness for adaptive athletes, proudly announces its landmark collaboration with CrossFit, marking a transformative moment for the sport of adaptive fitness, promising unprecedented exposure, fairness, and growth.

Kevin Ogar, one of the founding members of WheelWOD, expressed his enthusiasm: “The new direction and our partnership with CrossFit opens up a massive door for the Sport of Adaptive Fitness. We will now have more eyes on, more exposure, more divisions, and unparalleled opportunities for athletes to not only grow in the sport but also to drive its evolution. This collaboration will deliver precisely what the adaptive community has been longing for.”

WheelWOD & CrossFit Games Partnership

For more than a decade, WheelWOD has been setting the gold standard for adaptive fitness competitions. Now, with the full-fledged support from CrossFit, the combined forces are poised to elevate the adaptive side of the sport to unparalleled heights.

“CrossFit pioneered the sport of fitness and carved out a space for adaptive athletes to shine, and WheelWOD owes its existence to this visionary approach. Together, our collective spirit and dedication will ensure that the adaptive community receives the platform, respect, and recognition it deserves,” added Ogar.

The WheelWOD Games 2024 is set to be an iconic event. This partnership sets the tone for the future of adaptive fitness, and it’s brighter and more promising than ever.

About WheelWOD

Since 2013, WheelWOD has championed the cause of adaptive fitness, offering unparalleled resources, competitions, and programming for adaptive athletes globally. With a relentless mission to make fitness adaptable and accessible for all, WheelWOD stands as a beacon of sportsmanship, unity, and competitive spirit.