WheelWOD 11/08/18

WheelWOD 11/08/18

Heavy Day

Overhead Squat


Standing Upper Impairment:

Try loading your athlete with a Dumbbell or Kettle bell, if the load is still to light for the stimulus try using a weight vest or adding weight to a belt. These squats are meant to be heavy and challenging stability and ROM of the shoulder girdle. Be creative but safe. If the athlete is able to load a barbell and move thru proper range of motion the weight can be lighter as the balance becomes the challenge.

Scaling today can be done with lighter weight more reps and focus on passing through full Range of motion.

Standing Lower Impairment:

Athletes may need to use a 3rd point of contact to get below depth in the squat, try squatting to a box. The focus here should be on combining the overhead stability and the load of a good ROM squat. Increase volume if heavy squat can not be achieved


Yesterdays programming called for a lot of pressing overhead, we suggest adapting the squats today with OH Holds. (10-15 seconds a set) Try using a earthquake bar or Barbell with bands and weights on the bar to challenge stability. use a spotter if needed to support the chair.

if your athlete is able to handle pressing today and is not overloaded ( skipped fran 🙂 Then Try Ring dips with a weight vest or belt with weights to press heavy with stability challenged go heavy as long as ROM can be achieved.

Scale today with lighter loads and rep scheme of 7-7-5-5-3-3