WheelWOD 11/07/18

WheelWOD 11/07/18




Thruster 95/65


Lower impaired athletes may use a box to squat to depth with. 

Athletes with above knee impairments may use 85/60




Sh2OH 75/35

Pull Up ( Full Hang)

Athletes with injuries of T-6 spinal or more then 2 limbs impaired may use weight of 65/30


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SCALING THIS WOD- Aim to have the athlete finish sub 5 mins

For Standing:

When scaling this workout try jumping pull ups or reduced reps like 15-12-9

and reduce the weight of the bar. Fran done with a PVC and full ROM with jumping pull-ups will be sub 3 and the athlete will receive the correct stimulus.

For Seated:

When Scaling this workout for a seated athletes see if the athlete can do a pull up when thier starting position is under the bar with buttox still in seat. If this can be done choose a volume of reps they can maintain with minimal breaks in the rep scheme. If they are unable to accomplish that type of pull try attaching a PVC to 2 bands on the pull up bar and have them pull the PVC to them. Still maintain full ROM wherever possible.
As for the Sh2OH try load reduction or using dumbbells.