How? By Sharing Information

Who Are We?

Creator/Founder- Chris Stoutenburg
Co-Owner – Kevin Ogar
Co-Owner – John Prescott

At WheelWOD since 2013 we have been creating and tracking movements for athletes that have physical Impairments that need to adapt to join in community fitness.


We are a comprehensive educational platform focused on giving fitness coaches/athletes the tools and resources to create functional adaptive and competitive athletes. We are focussed on Giving Adaptive athletes a place to compete in a fair and exceptional competition.

We Use the term F.A.C.E to describe what we do.

Functional – Movements that will assist daily activity

Adaptive – Permanent changes to movements that allow us to perform tasks

Competitive – Providing the standard and training for athletes to compete at functional fitness

Education – Sharing and creating content for free to all coaches and athletes interested

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