Hey WheelWODnation

down to the best of the best here and it is exciting to see how everyone does.
the scores that are in now have been validated and approved. the rest of you have until tomorrow Friday April 29th 3:00pm  EST to get your scores in.
If Fran (WOD 1)  takes you more then the cap post your score as 10:00 minutes and then your tie breaker score. If you don’t get through the round of 15 then post your tie breaker score as 10 mins as well.
Also to verify some questions .
WOD 3 Men -there is no sub for muscle ups… so do your best to get your first if you never have got one.
WOD 3 – Any forward crawl is fine as long as chest is down. so army crawl is fine.
WOD 2- Tie breaker for part a is time of last successful lift.
WOD 1 – There was some confussion and some athlete pulled your weight of a rack for fran.. this will result in a 1 minute penalty as the instructions were to lift from the floor
if the deadline is creeping on you and your video is still uploading as we know you tube is a “B” some times,,, just past the link it gives you when you click publish now and when its finished we will be able to see it.
Good Luck and expect final results to be out Sunday Night!