WWG 16 – WOD 2

WOD #2 WWG 16

Here we Go

“Climb to Glory”

DB Snatch Ladder, starting at 35lbs and climbing to 120lb Station Weights:

1.) 45/30

2.) 50/35

3.) 55/40

4.) 60/45

5.) 65/50

6.) 75/55

7.) 85/60

8.) 95/65

9.) 105/75


1:00 to complete all reps at each station.

Stations 1-5= 5 reps

Station 6-10= 3 reps.

Score: Max weight + reps at max weight (include the 5 or 3 required by that station) Label score card Rx or Scaled

All reps start on the floor, and end when the athlete successfully moves the weight from the floor to a complete lock out overhead, with the feet in line with each other and full extension of the hip and knee. If an athlete does not feel that they can move on to the next dumbbell, they may choose to “rep out” at their current station, which will move them ahead of an athlete that only completes the prescribed reps for that station and “bombs out” of their next station. Athletes with the ability to switch hands may do so at any time during the ladder, there is no forced adaptation for this work out. If an athlete makes it to the final station, they are to perform AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE until they reach the time cap. ALL ATHLETES in upper, and minor neuromuscular