WORKOUT OF THE DAY JANUARY 30TH 2015 – #WheelchairGang

Well todays is a bit crazy and your gonna want a partner possibly a foursome? (Scale accordingly)

The Workout is a Birthday Wod and it is for the one and only,

The Hammer

Stephanie Hammerman!

Steph Turns 25 today and  since we are all in Cali together we (Gustavo, Kevin & Myself) thought that it should be a 25 min cap, involve 1990 reps of something and 1 rep and 30 of 2 other exercises. Thats right you read that right 1990 reps of something…. Blame Ogar its his fault.

So we are gonna call this one

“The hammer 25”

Buy In: Strap yourself in today is gonna suck!

ski erg or row

5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 calories

rest 1:1


Focus: strength work

We are gonna get into some Shoulder Press today to find your

3RM (rep max)


WOD: The Hammer 25 … Wait for it

25min Time Cap

For time in Teams of 4:

1990 Battle Ropes

2 people working at a time on Ropes

While other 2 complete

P1- 1 strict press 75%

P2- 30m sled drag

Rotate when 30m sled drag is completed

Rotate through Strict Press-Sled Drag-Rope-Rope-Strict Press

Continue presses and sled drags until all 1990 battle ropes are completed!

Post times to Facebook site

Cashout: Blow the Candles out 

Tabata: pushups

Tabata: Dips

Tabata: Situps

We will post a combined video some time today of all the movements

Keep adapting, keep kicking ass and hit this or a scaled version of this for the Hammer!