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What a great first day!

We had a little issue with the video but the bugs are out now.

so without further ado, heres Wod number 2


Buy In: get your heart rate up!

3 rounds of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 dips or extensions

2×10 pvc pass thru and figure 8’s


Focus: strength work

KB Dead Lift


increase weight each set


WOD: Open Wod 13.3

12 min amrap

150 Wallballs 14# 9 ft target

90 Battle ropes (2 for 1) = 180 singles

30 Muscle ups

scales can be C2B and dips or just pull ups

Im on the road travelling today so I will leave you with the video I attempted this 2 years ago


3 25ft sled pulls

adjust weight accordingly


well thats wod number 2 enjoy.

Ill be landing in California later today to chill and workout with the #wheelchair gang so stay tuned for a special wod for Friday! #TheHammer25