WheelWOD of October 29/16 WWG16 GAME DAY



It’s WWG 2016 games today and I will be posting all the wods through out the day if you want to follow along and try them your selves just stay tuned they will come out every hour starting with this at 9am EST


“Jackie” 10:00 minute time cap

1K Row 50

Thruster 45/33 30

Pull Ups Score: Time If athlete hits cap, score = time + #reps Label score card Rx or Scaled Row: When it’s over, it’s over… Pull your ass off

Thruster: A thruster is performed by the athlete moving from the bottom of a squat (hips below knee crease) with their barbell, then drives upward, pressing the bar to an overhead lock out position. The rep is complete when the athlete’s hips, knees and arms are fully locked, the head passes through between the arms and the bar is stabilized over the midline.

Pull ups: From a dead hang, athletes must pull their body weight up until their chin clearly passes the pull up bar. Upper Extremity adaptation- Athletes with upper extremity limb difference may choose to row with one hand, or may use a prosthetic device to maintain symmetry. Athletes may also use a prosthetic/ device on the barbell thruster, but they will be required to also use the prescribed 45/33 weights. Athletes choosing to do the thrusters with only one arm will be allowed to use 33/20lbs.

All Upper extremity athletes are expected to squat BELOW parallel, unless the athlete has an injury or ailment that does not permit the prescribed ROM. (Please inform WWG staff of such instances so accommodations can be made). If an athlete can do an unassisted (NO BANDS!) pull up with a prosthetic, they may choose to perform the 30 pull ups as prescribed (chin over the bar). If an athlete is not able to complete an unassisted pull up, does not have enough residual limb to wear a prosthetic, or cannot safely complete the volume of pull ups prescribed, they may choose instead to perform 40 ring rows (with or without a prosthetic).

To set up the rings, athletes should stand directly under the point in which they are hung. Raise or lower the rings to chest height. Plant feet firmly under the rings, grab onto the rings and lean back. Each rep must start at full extension of the arm, and ends when the athlete pulls the ring to the side of the chest. Any changes to this will be considered scaled.

Seated Adaptation- Seated athletes will perform a “legless” row from their wheelchair. Upon completion, athletes will roll up to their barbell, which will be set on blocks/ boxes, and perform 50 reps of Shoulder to Overhead. The rep starts when the bar is IN CONTACT with the athlete’s shoulders/ collarbone, and ends when athletes press to a full overhead lock out (arms fully extended, head through). Prescribed weight is 45/33. Seated athletes will then perform 30 Chin Over Bar pull ups to a barbell set up at outstretched arms reach, set and tied down with bands into J cups. Athletes are NOT required to remain strapped to their chair, only to pull their bodyweight.

Neuromuscular- Use weight and movement appropriate for the athlete’s ability; must be described to athlete liaison ahead of competition start.


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get after it!