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WheelWOD of July 11/2017

The Come Down & Rebuild As always after competition you have the highs to embrace and you learn your weaknesses. Did you try the championship workouts or versions of them? Did you find a weakness in your game? Are you planning on addressing it? . We saw some amazing things and notice some areas athletes […]

WheelWOD OPEN 17.4 Movement Standards

WheelWOD OPEN 17.4 Happy St. Patty’s Day.. I suggest you do the WOD before the beer unless you are trying to make the CrossFail video..   Submit your scores at www.competitioncorner.net. Please pay attention to the rep count difference for seated Rx and Seated Scaled compared to the standing divisions that are corresponding to the […]


HERE’S THE FINAL WOD 7 Final WOD: “Oddball Grace” (5:00 minute time cap) For Time: 30 reps Strongman Bag Ground to Shoulder to Overhead 80/50 Score: Time If athlete hits cap, score = time + #reps Label score card Rx or Scaled The repetition begins with the ball/ bag on the ground between the athlete’s […]

WWG 16 -WOD 6

CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE WOD 6 “The Eliminator” 15 minute time cap Death by: Seated: Weighted dips ALL other athletes: Front Squat 115/75 Score: Reps (1+2+3+…+15) Label score card Rx or Scaled Dip: Athletes will be allowed to start their dip at the bottom position (elbows parallel to shoulders). From the bottom position, they […]

WWG 16 – WOD 4

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? THIS IS WOD 4 “Sleds and Burpees” 8:00 minute time cap 6 Rounds for Time 25’ sled pull 1x/0.7x body weight 25’sprint 10 burpees Score: Time If athlete hits cap, score = time + #reps, 25’ row = 1 rep, 25’ sprint = 1 rep Label score card Rx […]

WWG 16 – WOD 3

GET SOME HERE IS WOD 3 WWG 16 “The Soul Hugger” In 12:00 minutes, perform: 500m Skierg Buy-In – THENAMRAP 21 Wall Ball Shots to standard target height 20/14 15 Push Ups 9 Power Cleans 135/95 Score: Total reps after skierg Label score card Rx or Scaled Ski erg: when it’s over, it’s over… Pull […]

WWG 16 – WOD 2

WOD #2 WWG 16 Here we Go “Climb to Glory” DB Snatch Ladder, starting at 35lbs and climbing to 120lb Station Weights: 1.) 45/30 2.) 50/35 3.) 55/40 4.) 60/45 5.) 65/50 6.) 75/55 7.) 85/60 8.) 95/65 9.) 105/75 10.)120/85 1:00 to complete all reps at each station. Stations 1-5= 5 reps Station 6-10= […]

WheelWOD of October 29/16 WWG16 GAME DAY

WHATS UP WHEELWODNATION? It’s WWG 2016 games today and I will be posting all the wods through out the day if you want to follow along and try them your selves just stay tuned they will come out every hour starting with this at 9am EST WWG WOD 1: “Jackie” 10:00 minute time cap 1K […]

WheelWOD of October 26/16

Today’s WheelWOD… October 26th “AIR FORCE” Adapted via NCFIT Seated For time…. (Scaled Weight 25/15 & 12kg/8kg) 20 Db Sh. Press, 35lbs/20lbs 20 Sumo Deadlift Kb High Pulls, 16kg/12kg 20 Db Snatch Alt35lbs/20lbs 20 Kb Swing 16kg/12kg 20 Db Floor Press 35lbs/20lbs Every minute on the minute perform 4 Slam Balls 20lbs, including the first […]