Hammer Report December 22/16

Hammer Report

Today, I’d like to talk about the importance of setting goals. As we come closer to another calendar year coming to an end this is where many decide to turn over a new leaf.  As someone who has set and accomplished goals both big and small over the last few years here are 5 ways to attack the daunting task.

  1. Make a list: Writing your goals down in a bright ink helps you commit to them.
  1. Big & Small: Break your list down into long term and short term goals. Make sure that you have realistic expectations when making your list.
  1. Accountability: Share your goals with a loved one or a close friend to help keep you accountable for your actions.
  1. Trust in the Process: Setting a goal to achieve something great is no easy task. It is going to take time. Allow yourself to make mistakes every once in a while because you never know what you will be able to learn from those mistakes.
  1. Have fun: When you are putting your body through something completely new you must remember to have a little fun with it. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Try taking the goal you set for yourself ad make a game out of it. The journey getting to the accomplishment finish line will be much more enjoyable!

2016 has almost come and gone. You have the power, how are you going to change yourself for the best in 2017?

Happy Holidays!

Coach Hammer