WWG 16 -WOD 6




“The Eliminator”

15 minute time cap

Death by:

Seated: Weighted dips

ALL other athletes: Front Squat 115/75 Score: Reps (1+2+3+…+15)

Label score card Rx or Scaled


Athletes will be allowed to start their dip at the bottom position (elbows parallel to shoulders). From the bottom position, they must press themselves to support. Judges must also be able to see a clear rise and fall of the hips, which shows that the athlete is actually pressing through the dip versus doing an awkward crunch from support. Athletes will perform 1 rep on minute one, 2 on minute 2, etc until they can no longer complete the designated reps before the start of the next round. Athletes may choose to stay on the rings as long as they like, though it is not recommended until later rounds

Front Squat:

For this work out the barbell will start on the floor. Athletes may use any style clean to get the bar to front rack. Athletes can choose to do whatever they like with their hands in front rack. The rep is complete when the athlete moves their weight from a squatted position (hips below knee crease) and return back to full hip and knee extension. Athletes may choose to leave the bar in the front rack to avoid cleaning it again, but this is not recommended until later rounds.

On minute one, athletes complete 1 rep. 2 reps at minute 2, and so on until they are no longer able to complete the designated reps for the round.

Upper extremity Adaptation- Athletes may use any prosthetics/ devices they have to clean the bar, or go one handed, but the weight will remain the same for both. All Upper extremity athletes are expected to squat BELOW parallel, unless the athlete has an injury or ailment that does not permit the prescribed ROM. (Please inform WWG staff of such instances so accommodations can be made).

Seated Adaptation – Seated athletes will be allowed to choose between performing dips strapped into their chair or performing dips with a 20/ 10 weight vest.