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“Sleds and Burpees”

8:00 minute time cap

6 Rounds for Time

25’ sled pull 1x/0.7x body weight


10 burpees

Score: Time If athlete hits cap, score = time + #reps, 25’ row = 1 rep, 25’ sprint = 1 rep Label score card Rx or Scaled

Sled pull: This is a seated sled pull, and athletes WILL be allowed to brace the ground with their feet. Athletes may use any method to pull the sled (i.e. Hand over hand, straight arm, push and slide technique with legs, etc.), but at no point can the athlete stand or lift their body from the seated position while pulling the sled. The entirety of the sled must cross the designated distance marker/ line.

Sprint: Get up and run your ass off!

Burpees: A burpee starts at a natural standing position. The athlete must then place their hands on the floor and kick their feet back behind them to a high plank, lower themselves down until their chest and thighs contact the ground, push up, kick the feet back up to the hands, then jump open to full hip and knee extension and clap their hands over or behind their head. Athletes do NOT have to remain rigid through the midline. Faster/ stronger athletes MAY dive into the burpee, so long as the feet travel behind them, chest and thighs make contact, and hips fully extend at top. Athletes may choose to walk BACK on the way down and strip UP on the way up, but never the opposite.

Lower extremity adaptation- No adaptation necessary, scale as needed

Neuromuscular adaptation- Use weight and movement appropriate for the athlete’s ability; must be described to athlete liaison ahead of competition start.

Minor neuromuscular adaptation- No adaptation necessary, scale as needed.




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