WWG 16 – WOD 3




“The Soul Hugger”

In 12:00 minutes, perform:

500m Skierg Buy-In –


21 Wall Ball Shots to standard target height 20/14

15 Push Ups

9 Power Cleans 135/95

Score: Total reps after skierg Label score card Rx or Scaled Ski erg: when it’s over, it’s over… Pull your ass off

Wall ball: a rep is completed when an athlete moves the ball from the bottom of a squat (hip crease below knee crease) with their medicine ball and drives the ball upward so that the majority of the ball passes the designated target height (men =10’, women=9’)

Push up: The push up should start from a high plank position with no piking of the butt or sagging of the hips. The athlete must then lower themselves down until their elbows are parallel to their shoulders, and then push themselves back up to the high plank. A tight midline must be demonstrated throughout the entire movement. If an athlete chooses to rest in a picked or sagged position, they must return to the high plank before completing their next rep. NO WORMY PUSH UPS!!!

Clean: A clean is complete when an athlete moves the prescribed weight from the floor to a front rack position across the shoulders/ collarbone, the elbows CLEARLY move in front of the bar, and the athlete stands to full hip and knee extension. Any style clean is permitted.

Lower Extremity Adaptations- A wall ball repetition is complete when an athlete moves from a below parallel squat with a ball, followed by bouncing the ball off of the wall at prescribed target height. All lowers will be required to display his or her ROM to their judge, and must meet this depth through the duration of the workout. If an athlete is not able to squat safely below parallel (Bilateral, AK, BK with extensive nerve/ soft tissue/ bone damage around knee) they may be allowed to squat to a box. The power cleans must move from the floor to the shoulder, but athletes with limited ROM in their hamstrings or ankles (most AK, bilat) will be allowed to pull from block no higher than 12”.

Seated adaptation- Seated athletes will perform wall ball shot with prescribed weight to a target 18” above their outstretched hand. The majority of the ball MUST cross the designated target line. Chair athletes will perform push-ups off of a box. The bottom of the push up is when the athlete’s elbow is in line with the shoulder, and the rep is complete upon full extension of the arm. Chair athletes will perform them cleans off of blocks or a box, and reduce the weight to 95/ 65 to accommodate for the lack of hip drive.