Workout of the Day January 28th 2015

#WheelWod –

Video movement breakdown will be posted at 12:00pm EST

Workout of the Day

Well this is the inaugural Wod for Wheelwod.

We will be posting programming and movement breakdown videos daily.

please send any Wod ideas to or post on our facebook page, instagram or twitter tag us #wheelwod

Buy In: get your heart rate up!

500m row/ski erg or 800m wheel

Shoulder mobility – 5 mins


10 min EMOM

odd minutes: 50m sprint

even minute: 5 back extensions & 5 push ups

Focus: strength work

Kettlebell Floor Press


(focus on keeping elbows in tight to body and push from abdomen. Increase weight as necessary)

WOD: hang on for your life!


For Time:

50 strict hanging from bar chair raises

every time you come down from the bar to break 5 shoulder press at 135

then back on the bar!

post your times to

Cashout: build that core

Tabata 2 rds 8 cycles 1 minute rest between cycles

Plank holds


Thanks for the support!