Hell Ya!


mid week tomorrow the open is announced and Friday evening we will post it! I hope you are as pumped as we are. make sure you get video evidence of your wods and post some of that shit! we will share what we can.

Today’s Wod is brought to you from your’s truly! its an Ewod inspired program. Time to push that lactic threshold and get that heart rate up. #noexcuses

Buy in 

8 mins every minute on minute

15 burpees or equal scale





Bench Press Apre

week 4

Bench Press APRE

6 Reps 50% of 10 Rep Max

3 Reps 75% of 10 Rep Max

ME 100% of 10 Rep Max

ME Based off of 3rd Set

work off numbers from last week

if you got less than 10 by 3 or more on final set then start 5-10lbs lighter this week

if you got 8-12 start at finishing weight and if you got 13 or more on final set go up 5-10lbs to start.

***unless your just starting then find a 10 rep max and get started***



15 mins of

150m ski erg/row

& Ascending ladder 3,6,9,12…

shoulder press with 25# dumbells


Cash Out: 3xME bent arm hang from rings

*Once arm breaks 90 Degree you are done, rest as needed between attempts


featured picture of @xhoran Xman Horan #wheelchairgang

Get after this and post comments to here, FB or IG

Shoot some vid snaps some pics and we will Share!