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Hope everyone survived that Monster Mash!


Photo courtesy of Vince Hill

we are sticking with a strength program and if you are progressing along you should see some gains in the row and the bench for sure as well as your other lifts after the 8 week cycle. We will focus on 2 new lifts for the Apres training after the cycle finishes.

Crossfit OPEN:

Wheel Wod will be posting adapted Open Wods with weight and movement standards. We can compete, learn from each other and educate. Each open Wod will be posted Friday Afternoon with a video and write up here on www.Wheelwod.com Lets show the world what we can do!

Ok and now for Mondays Workout

Buy In:

3 rds

10 slamballs

10 wall balls

500m row/erg/roll



KB Cleans

5×5 increase weight each set

(practice achieving full front rack position)


WOD: A Crossfit Benchmark


For Time:

150 Wallballs at a 9ft target and 14# ball


Cash Out:

3x 1min Plank Hold

Keep coming back to learn more about the open Wods and format!


WheelLife is a great life, get out there and roll tight!





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