Wodapalooza Workouts FAQ

Hello Athletes

As you have seen the WZA workouts are being released. We know as anytime a competition releases workouts you will get nervous and your first reaction is to ask for lighter weights or ask what happens if you can not do a movement.

Heres the answer:

In Rx the workouts are set as prescribed. Do your best and attempt to do something out of your comfort zone or do the work you can and hope to score better in the workouts you can handle. We list the minimum weights on the qualifier standards way back in September ( including swimming in open water no life jacket) This is Rx and we have tested these workouts, do your best and learn where you can improve.

For some movements we give athletes with 1 arm ( 1 point of contact) a different weight, approximately 75% of the prescribed weight. This doesn’t apply to all movements so do not assume you will always have a reduction. We also offer different weights or additional points of contact to Single leg athletes in certain situations as well. That weight reduction will be approximately 90% and again will be only when listed.

For Scaled athletes
We would like you to use the weight prescribed but if you need to scale additional then your score will placed after all athletes that did as prescribed. For the swim you will be allowed to use flotation devices without penalty and any major neuro athletes will be given the SAA weight reduction.

So before you panic, do what you do best and try to adapt and work with the movements and weights given.


You will responsible to bring any specialty equipment you need for competition.

Mono Rope
Lap Mat
Bands/ Straps
suggest you bring a life jacket if you think you will need one.
Rowing Handles
Mat/block for even out burpees
All seated athletes are expected to have a wheelchair

Information about the workouts and competition.

You will receive an email with more information On Sunday