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Wild Card Winners and and Regional Qualifiers.

Your hard work and dedication has paid of and you have won a wildcard spot to WheelWOD regionals! Congrats to all who competed! The following athletes have earned their spot. If you have not registered please do so soon.
follow the link set in your email from wheelwod@gmail.com

Wild card Winners

Seated Rx
Men: Mino Solomon
Women: Yvone kline

Standing Rx Men
Derek Weida
Omar Iglesias
Ericlio Rocha

Standing Women Rx
Daniele Montes

The finalist for regionals are as follows and will be moving on. Regionals will be 3 workouts released on MAY 19 at 7:00pm EST and you will have until MAY 24 at 11pm EST to submit.

Emails  with further information will be sent out to the winners tonight.

Train hard and good luck!
Steph & Stouty 🙃

2 thoughts on “Wild Card winners & Regional – May 19-24

  1. Interesting to see that there are three men added to the Standing Rx men. How is it that three were added? I am also wondering why anyone would be allowed the opportunity to advance to the finals if they did not go thru the five workouts done in May that everyone else had to do.

    • As per CrossFit rules, we also follow the same set up. if an athlete requested a chance to compete and we felt like it was a legitimate reason. In the search to find the fittest adaptive we feel the addition of athletes to this wild card were legit. We also added 2 spots to that division to be fair to those who actually got through the open. The quest is to beat the best, plain and simple.

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