WheelWOD – Where to Watch, When and Results

Where to Watch, When and Results


WheelWOD Games Can Be seen Via Facebook Live @WheelWOD and IG @wheelWOD

Results can be found at : https://competitioncorner.net/events/899#.Wz0PnNVKhQI


Schedule of Workout Times are as Follows:

Day 1 Thursday July 5

Helen with a row and a Max Clean

Event 1 & 2—2 pm @ CrossFit Indestri


Day 2 Friday July 6

Event 3 & 4—12:45pm Side launch Way


Event 5—6:00pm Millennium Park

Clean & Jerk /C2B


Day 3 Friday July 7

Event 6—9:00am Millennium Park

DU, Burpee, Snatch/ Push up, snatch, F2B

Event 7—11:30 am Millennium Park

TBD announced Live IG

Event 8—2:40 pm Millennium Park

HS, BMU/ Wheelie, RMU


Day  Friday July 8

Event 9—12:00pm Millennium Park


Event 10—Final 2:00pm

TBD announced Live IG 15 minutes before


IG Schedule