WheelWOD Regionals Deadline 2017

Submission Deadline

Reminder the scores for the regional workouts are due tonight at 11pm EST


If you think you are going to land in the top 5 of your division then you can start making some plans for travel to Canada!

We are still working on finding a discount for accommodations.  We are in discussion with Blue Mountain resorts for accommodation codes. We will hopefully be sending a code with your confirmation.

Feel free to check out their website for prep.


There are also some hotels in Collingwood and already a decent price point that would be closer to the venue.


Days In Collingwood:

Comfort Inn:

Cranberry Resorts:

Georgian bay hotel:


Check these out. The Airport you will be flying into is Toronto Pearson International  Airport. 


The Venue and info for the championships is listed at www.ugseries.com

Looking forward to Seeing all the results