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WheelWOD OPEN 2017

The WheelWOD Online open has returned with the addition of Standing divisions! We will be teamed up with Crossroads adaptive athletic alliance to adapt the work outs of the CrossFit.com Open. The divisions for the open will be as follows:

Seated Rx Men

Seated Rx Women

Rx Upper Standing Men

Rx Lower Standing Men

Rx Upper Standing Women

Rx Lower Standing Women

Seated Scaled Men

Seated Scaled Women

Standing Scaled Men

Standing Scaled Women

Registration will be live at Wheelwod.com starting Friday January 20/17 at 6am EST


4 thoughts on “WheelWOD Open Registration 2017

  1. Ok so I am a little person I do crossfit at an amazing box j5 crossfit in collinsville Il! Is there anyway I can get a little more infortmatiom on this! I have a really good friend of mine who has offered to judge me! I am not for sure what I would register under! Thanks in advance

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