WheelWod OPEN 15.1 & 15.1a #Ogar


Crossfit OPEN

Well it’s finally time! After some great deliberation on purpose of the workout, weight and movement standards we have final breakdown. We are lucky enough to have the first video explanation come from the one and only Ginja ninja Kevin Ogar. Kevin’s understanding of movement and purpose of a workout is incredible and he will share tips and strategy as well he was nice enough to set the bar unbelievable High for the rest of us as we have his performance as well!

Enjoy, this is WheelLife!

1st WheelWod Open will be:


9 min AMRAP

15 Chair Raises

10 Deadlifts : 2x12kg Kettle bell

5 Snatches : 55/35lbs Barbell


6min to find

1RM Clean & Press

– Barbell


Movement standards are as follows:

Chair Raises:

– Chair completely off the ground

– Raise knees above hips

Dead Lifts: 2×12 kg KB

– Both KB on ground and then full extension

– Shoulders over hip

– Return KB to ground

Snatch: 55/35 lbs Barbell

– Ground to Bar over head



Clean & Press: 1RM

– Bar from Ground to Front rack position

– Elbows in front of bar path

– Press Bar directly over head

– Full lock out above head

Video Breakdown Here:

Intro and Movement Breakdown:


Kevin Ogar’s performance:  


Strategy and Recap: 

 Submit all scores and video links here in the comments and we will score the competition and keep it posted weekly on wheelwod.com

Have fun and enjoy the open it’s about firsts, fitness and spreading the adapted movement! WheelWodNation