WHEELWOD OF May 1st #SynAndWheels

The Return of Friday 

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Well here we go again, Friday and a chipper is in order. Reminder Kevin Ogar will be handling our strength training programming starting Monday. I encourage all of you to stay on it if your looking for gains. Kevin is a long time Crossfit athlete that also is known for his strength programming. This is going to be a great chance to get different style of programming.


Buy In:

Wheel 800m


10 sit ups

10 pushups

10 pull ups



Weight Pull ups


6 Reps 50% of 10 Rep Max

3 Reps 75% of 10 Rep Max

ME 100% of 10 Rep Max

ME Based off of 3rd Set

work off numbers from last week

if you got less than 10 by 3 or more on final set then start 5-10lbs lighter this week

if you got 8-12 start at finishing weight and if you got 13 or more on final set go up 5-10lbs to start.

***unless your just starting then find a 10 rep max and get started***



For Time:

300 (2-4-1 ) Battle Ropes

100 Sh Press 75/45


Cash Out

Tabata Plank hold


Have a Great weekend