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Its a sad day that the open is over but an incredible day as this was just the start! We will take what we started and continue to build. I want to thank everyone who participated, cheered and lived this with us.  Im not gonna get emotional but I do want you to know it was amazing and couldn’t of asked for a better group of wheelwod warriors!

The Open final will be posted Wednesday!

Now due to over load of hits on bandwidth yesterdays wod couldn’t be posted, but we are up and running back to normal and have increased server size! So with that lets get to the good stuff!

Buy In:

ski erg 1000m

shoulder mobility

wrist mobility


EMOM 8 min

10 wall balls

1 shuttle run (25 m)



1 RM Bench Press




20 cal ski erg

20 pull ups

20 seated back extensions


This is a brutal one have fun with it!

Post your times in comments!



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