WheelWOD of January 18/18

Hello athletes,

WZA is Over OPEN Season has begun


Set Dates in your calendar

Registration opens – January 20/18

18.1 Adapted version released February 23/18

18.2 March 2/18

18.3 March 9/18

18.4 March 16/18

18.5 March 23/18


If you finish Top 12 in an Rx Division you will make Online regionals

May 25-28 2018


If you Finish Top 6 in your Division you will qualify for The WheelWOD Games Hosted by the UG Series

This year will be the largest ever.

4 Days 9+ events July 5th  – 8th 2018

Collingwood Ontario Canada

See the highlights from last year.


Mark these dates down and follow WheelWOD programming to get prepped!

We will have scaled options and Rx Divisions.

looking forward to the Biggest Open registration yet! Sign up at wheelwod.com January 20/18


Today’s WheelWOD is…


20 Minute E2MOM

9 Push Press 95/65

35 DU



20 Minute E2MOM

9 Sh. Press 75/45

60 Battle ropes ( 15ft long ropes)

Scale accordingly