WHEELWOD OF APRIL 24 #OperationSurfDay3


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Great Day yesterday in Santa Cruz,

We had the arrival of Tim “The Flying Hawaiian” Lapitan and Angel “H-Town” Gonzalez.

Tomorrow we got one more day at ¬†Cowsell Beach then off to Capitola Beach to finish off the trip. This has been one of the most ammazing experiences of my life for sure. Can’t talk highly enough about Crossfit and Operation Surf. the instructors are the bomb, the water is kicking out great waves and everyone is all smiles.

We also got the privilege and honour of meeting the OG of Crossfit! Greg Amundson. We went by his box – Crossfit Amundson and got to meet him and see some of the stuff from the very first Crossfit Box.




What your really looking for is right here:

Buy In:


10 PVC pass throughs

10 PVC Figure 8’s

10 PVC Snatch

10 PVC Cleans

10 PVC behind Head press


EMOM 10 Mins

10 WallBall

5 Cleans 45/65



Weighted Pull Ups


6 Reps 50% of 10 Rep Max

3 Reps 75% of 10 Rep Max

ME 100% of 10 Rep Max

ME Based off of 3rd Set

work off numbers from last week

if you got less than 10 by 3 or more on final set then start 5-10lbs lighter this week

if you got 8-12 start at finishing weight and if you got 13 or more on final set go up 5-10lbs to start.

***unless your just starting then find a 10 rep max and get started***



20 Deadlift KB 32kg each

20 Cal Row

15 Bench Press 135/185

15 Shoulder to Overhead 85/115

Cash Out:

100 Russian twists

Crazy days