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Hey WheelWODnation

few things on the cooker,

  1. Look for the release of WheelROM ( via ROMWOD) this week
  2. WheelWOD at the Games – come see us and do an interview
  3. Working Wounded games – Stouty will be there, he did the program
  4. WZA – WheelWOD will have a tent as well as Stouty did all the programming again. look for details of the online qualifiers this month
  5. Womens Month, this month we are going to feature some of the adaptive communities strongest females. Look out for that!

See everyone soon.

Today’s WheelWOD is…



800m Wheel

10 Behind Head Sh. Press from Rack ( 115/45)




800m Wheel

10 OHS ( Box Squats for ROM) 115/75



Games WEEK!


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