15.5 WheelWOD Open

It all comes down to this….

The race is tight in a few spots on the leaderboard and everyone has kicked ass no matter what the finishing spot is beside your name. I have enjoyed every aspect of doing the open with you guys! 3 Years ago I couldn’t find any other athlete in a wheelchair doing Crossfit and trying the Open. Its exciting to think where this all could go and grow to.  Good Luck to All!!

15.5 WheelWOD Open is:


Row (Calories)

Shoulder Press 75/55

See Video movement breakdown here:

Movement Standards:

ROW: There are no movement standards, you may row however you like as long as you complete the calories identified for each set.

Shoulder Press: You can lift off the floor, boxes or rack. You must start each lift from top of shoulders and end above head with arms fully locked out returning to top of shoulders.

Good luck to all!

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  1. Amazing job by all! Thank you all for your efforts! Sorry they wild wouldn’t post today. We had an overload of hits and sunk the server lol but we are back up and running and will be in the WOD’s rest of the week! The final leader board will be posted Wednesday as angel and Vanessa needed an extra day due to health

  2. Thanks stouty for this awesome open this year. Got 9:53 RX and judged by Drew shamblin. …. Painful and heavy not gonna lie !!!

  3. if i could sweat i’d have made a sweet sweat angel on our gym floor. That was a gooder let me say, my time for 15.5 was 22:47 and i pressed 35#s a big shout out to Niverville Crossfit coaches for there help and a big thanks to all those at WheelWod who made this event possible with the vids and the line-ups.

  4. Chris, just wanted to say this was an amazing experience, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your WheelWod crew for the past 5 weeks. That being said, I needed to type out my score before my arms simply stopped working after that killer workout!
    For 15.5 I got 20.24 time but I pressed 35#’s…just couldn’t rx this last one 🙁 Looking forward to what you have in store for the rest of the year and of course for next year’s open! Thanks again!

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