Here we go Again!

15.4 is out and it was listed as ascending by 3 ladder of Hand Stand Push ups and 3 cleans increasing by 3 every 3 rounds.

We have discussed the movements, purpose of the exercises and adapted to make it possible and competitive for all abilities.

15.4 WheelWod style will be:


 8min AMRAP

3 Dumb bell Shoulder Press 35/20 lbs each

3 Dumb bell Cleans 35/20 lbs each

6 Dumb bell Shoulder Press

3 Dumb bell Cleans

9 Dumb bell Shoulder Press

3 Dumb bell Cleans

12 Dumb bell Shoulder Press

6 Dumb bell Cleans

15 Dumb bell Shoulder Press

6 Dumb bell Cleans

18 Dumb bell Shoulder Press

6 Dumb bell Cleans

21 Dumb bell Shoulder press

9 Dumb bell Cleans

Following Same Pattern… until 8 min cap

Count total reps


Movement standards are as Follows

DB Cleans:

35/20 lbs

Dumbbell must touch floor and finish above shoulder each clean.


DB Shoulder Press:

35/20 lbs

Dumbbell must start at Shoulder and Finish Directly above head arms fully locked out


Thanks To Kevin Ogar for putting this weeks movement Standard Video together

Watch the video below for full instruction and tips:

For Athletes with CP The Hammer has given us another great breakdown as well check it out here:

Good Luck everyone!

Submit your scores via post on this blog in comments or via email wheelwod@gmail.com by Monday at 8pm EST.

please be prepared to have video of full workout if score is questioned moving forward. post video clips to IG or FB to @wheelwod





  1. 116 reps RX and got judged
    I ll post Instagram video tonight since the workout got video by an iPad at the gym (phone memory full for me !!)

  2. 50 total reps for 15.4 and a slight headache, what happens when no triceps meets overhead DBs to the head lol. Got tired towards the end i guess that counted as a no rep 🙂

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