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WZA 4 & 5 Find the WODS here: https://www.thewodapalooza.com/workouts/17-18/adaptive-challenge/week-2-wod-4-5   WOD 4 & 5 “Two for One Special” WOD 4-  a 20min clock, for time, complete: 2 Rounds for time of: Standing 40 Cal Row 40 Toes to Bar 40 Front Squats Seated 30 Cal Row 30 Wall Balls 30 KB Deadlifts Immediately into… WOD […]

WEEK 1 & 2 WZA WOD Breakdown

Hello WZA athletes This is to help you find your way around websites and if you are struggling to decide if you are upper and lower, typically we have had Visually impaired, athletes compete at the lower athlete standards. Workout #1 can be found https://www.thewodapalooza.com/workouts/17-18/adaptive-challenge/week-1-wod-1 Workout #2 can be found https://www.thewodapalooza.com/workouts/17-18/adaptive-challenge/week-1-wod-2 To clarify WOD 2 […]

Wodapalooza FAQ’s

Hey Guys, I know you have some questions about the Adaptive online Challenge: This FAQ is a great resource about competing in the Online Challenge and Wodapalooza Competition for January. See faq.thewodapalooza.com Rx & Scaled for the Adaptive Divisions How it works for the Adaptive Rx & Scaled Divisions @ WZA Miami Interested in competing […]