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WheelWOD of May 23/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… Standing: FOR TIME: 9 Power Cleans 18 Bar Facing Burpees 6 Power Cleans 12 Bar facing Burpees 3 Power Cleans 6 Bar Facing Burpees . Weights: 155/85 SAA: 120/65 SLA: 130/75 . Seated: FOR TIME: 9 Box Cleans 18 Knee Burpees 6 Box Cleans 12 Knee Burpees 3 Box Cleans 6 Knee […]

WheelWOD of May 10/18

Regionals is Finished… Men’s Seated competitors at the WheelWOD Games will be: Josh Beill Tom Miazaga Jedidiah Snelson Vernon Walker Kevin Ogar Cassio Dutra Diego Coelhod . Programming will resume to daily workouts being posted. . Today’s WheelWOD is: 30 rounds for total distance of: Row 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds . Enjoy Stouty

WheelWOD of April 20/18

Today’s WheelWOD is.. Standing: 10 minute EMOM  2 Front Squats + 2 Reverse Lunges 135/95 . Lower Athletes: Use a box at parallel as third point of contact for squat and step ups at comfortable height for lunges. SLA – Weight is 100/70 Upper Athletes: May back rack or use weight vest / chains instead […]

WheelWOD of April 18/17

Today’s WheelWOD is… Standing: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 DU – Lower Triple Unders – Upper Assault Bike calories . Seated 42-36-30-24-18-12-6 Battle Ropes – adapt for Triple-unders ( pull the ropes to full extension then move 5 feet closer to anchor point) with 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 Arms Only Assault Bike Calories You can thank Ogar for this one. And Angel […]

WheelWOD April 17/18

Today’s WheelWOD E2MOM 16 minutes 1 Dead lift 1 Hang Pull 1 Hang Clean (Increase weight each round working to a heavy single) Rest 5 mins Then 10 Mins to Find a 3 Rep Max hang clean ( seated box cleans, no bounce) Lift Heavy shit Stouty

Wheelwod of April 2/18

Today’s WheelWOD is.. 15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: STANDING: Power Clean –  135/95 – (SAA & SLA) – 100/70 Bar-facing burpee SEATED: Hang Clean – 95/45 (off box) Knee Burpee SCALING: Adjust the weight first and try to keep the reps. If you scale the reps try to stay close to the weight 95/65 at […]

WheelWOD of March 28/18

WheelWOD Open 2018 is over… Thanks to all who competed and helped grow this movement! We love all of you. Qualifiers for online Regionals are decided (after video confirmation)  and email will come today with those being requested for video proof.   Today’s WheelWOD is..  Adapted Via January CrossFit.com Standing: For Time: 30 overhead walking […]

18.1 Score’s Due Today Feb 27/18

Reminder 18.1 Score are due today at 11:59pm EST February 27/18 Submit through www.competitioncorner.net If you need help follow this link to see: HOW TO SUBMIT SCORES – Click HERE –  … Now back to Daily Programming until 18.2 🙂 Todays WheelWOD is…. STANDING: 10RFT 5 Front squats205/145 5 HSPU – Upper: sub with 8 […]